Symposium 2015


"The Great Debate ~ Continuous Real Evolution"

Many of this year’s SG50 celebrations have focused on commemorating the country’s history, thanking the pioneers for their contributions to the nation. But Singapore will also need to continue to thrive in the future. It is therefore equally important for us to look forward, to assess the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

As we continue to evolve, Singapore is clearly a thriving business destination where lots of multinationals look to locate offices, but what are the key factors influencing the decision of many Corporations in selecting Singapore to be their Asia Hub for instance?

In Celebration of SG50, the Symposium this year will be based around the theme of Corporate Real Estate Evolution; how far we have come in the last 50 years, what it is today and looking ahead to what the future holds.

Corporate Real Estate is clearly gaining more importance and significance around the boardrooms of many companies globally. Undeniably, the role of CRE is defined by many factors including the integration of CRE with other internal support functions, acceleration of CRE outsourcing, increasing strategic pressures on the CRE function, and the impact of new ‘shoring’ strategies.

The evolution of key CRE trends shape future decisions and real estate strategies. Hence, it is important to assess current CRE strategies to identify potential future risks and opportunities, and develop an improvement plan. So, what are the trends that will help us initiate a discourse with the C-Suite about developing long-term strategies to address key CRE trends? Are these issues still relevant today? What do you think is on the horizon?

Our Symposium will sum up key ideas expressed by panellists and participants across the different functions across the CRE Industries,, looking at past, present, and future trends that need to be watched in the coming years.

Who Should Attend? 
Those new to corporate real estate, or who have people new to corporate real estate on their team as well as those who are experienced corporate real estate professionals.
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